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Bar Discipline

Attorney Feinberg has served as a hearing officer for the Board of Bar Overseers. For many years he was associated in practice with a former Chief Counsel of the Board of Bar Overseers. He brings knowledge, experience and a keen understanding of the intricacies of professional ethics to represent lawyers facing disciplinary proceedings. He is also Of Counsel to Glickman Turley LLP, a law firm that also specializes in attorney discipline matters.

Attorney Feinberg can help you address questions regarding IOLTA funds, conflicts of interest, effective representation of clients, candor before the Courts, complaints from clients and other issues before the Board of Bar Overseers. He is also available to provide guidance to lawyers with questions about representation of clients where the lawyer has concerns about the application of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Should you face disciplinary proceedings, Attorney Feinberg will vigorously and aggressively defend you at all stages of the process.

School Discipline

In addition, Attorney Feinberg has years of experience assisting, negotiating or defending students in university disciplinary proceedings. Recently, universities have changed the way sexual misconduct charges are handled. Attorney Feinberg works to insure that all the protections of due process are afforded - notice of charges, full hearing with the right to counsel, the right of cross-examination, etc. Where the process is deficient, Attorney Feinberg will challenge the university's procedures, including federal court challenges where appropriate to protect the student's rights.